Why Google Deserves the Best Company Culture Award

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Google is known for various innovations in the field of information technology. One of them is the Android operating system technology. Google also has innovations in the field of smartphone devices by presenting a Pixel phone that has excellent features as can be seen in the Pixel phone review.

As one of the largest technology companies in the world, Google has a culture that has amazed other companies. The work culture at Google makes its employees work more productively and effectively. The giant technology company Google has again secured the title as the most desirable company in the world in 2014, according to the business magazine, Fortune.

This prestigious predicate completes a series of 3 consecutive years that Google has earned starting in 2012, 2013 and now 2014. So how was the company built by Larry Page and Sergey Brin able to win consecutive awards as the most desirable company in the world? This cannot be separated from the company culture applied by Google as a giant company in the technology world.

As an illustration, to ensure that every employee can work with a comfortable and enthusiastic feeling, Google provides a special area which covers 7 hectares and contains recreational sports and fitness facilities. This area is free for every Google employee to use when they have free time to work.

However, apart from these facilities, in fact, Google still has several other interesting things that make it worthy of being awarded as the best company culture. The following is Google’s work culture that makes it worthy of being the best company culture.

Reasons Google deserves the Best Company Culture award

  1. Nice work environment

When all companies provide cubicles tables for their employees to work. At Google, any place can be a place to work. The employees also claim that they are happy to go to work because all their needs are available at the office. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner do not need to be paid or free for Google employees. As reviewed in the Pixel phone review.

  1. Supports creativity

Because it allows all its employees to work anywhere, Google employees are free to choose where. This sparks creativity because they will never get tired of working in the same place every day of the year. Google supports creativity in how they provide solutions for everyone and in terms of how they work.

  1. Google work culture, HR hires character because skills can be taught

Google puts forward character in recruiting its employees because they think that coding or design skills can be taught. Every year there are more than 2 million CVs that go to HR Google. Even though only about 7 thousand were recruited.

  1. Open communication policy

Google has a flat organizational structure. This means that anyone can talk to anyone regardless of their position. This makes each individual free to express and share ideas with anyone.

  1. Innovation is a priority as Google’s work culture

Google’s next work culture is to prioritize innovation. To be able to compete with other companies, innovation is a priority. In order to be able to innovate, Google provides prizes for any employee who can share important innovations for the company. An example of one of the innovations that Google excels at is innovation in smartphone Pixel devices, as mentioned in the Pixel phone review.

  1. Financial support for employees

Google doesn’t just pay employees a salary. In addition to all the free food, Googlers (as Google employees are called) also provides financial consultants in their offices so that everyone can have good finances while working. Google understands that not everyone has sufficient knowledge of finance. Then the financial consultant in the office will help employees to invest, save, bonds, buy stocks, etc.

  1. Flexibility in your career

Unlike other companies that avoid career flexibility, Google allows all employees to be able to explore and develop themselves in order to bring progress to the company.

Of all these cultures, in essence Google provides all the facilities that can make employees happy and healthy inside and out, including physically and mentally. The innovation progress of this company as reviewed in the Pixel phone review makes Google worthy of the Best Company Culture award.