Fonts for Professional and Credible Scientific Research

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No matter if you are a writer, or a scientist writing your research reports, choosing the correct fonts is important, as it can give you more credible looks in your scientific research reports, your thesis, and your article’s writing. The best font for movie or website might not be the best for scientific reports, hence, there are always the correct fonts for the correct situations.

If you want to know more about the fonts used, and the recommendations for the use of fonts for every situation, design, and writing, then you have come to the right place. Here, we can give you many recommendations not just for writing a thesis, or professional writing, but we also provide our selections for the best font for movie, website design, or T-shirt logo design.

When choosing the correct fonts for a professional research report, you need to consider a few things, such as the readability, legibility, and credibility of the fonts you choose. To get you better idea of how to choose the correct fonts to give your research more credibility, and readability, read our article here.

Why is it important to use proper fonts?

To put it simply, imagine that you have written your scientific masterpiece, you compile your research result carefully, creating smooth and organized contents in your writings, and edited your manuscript to each letter, and number, however, your images, and figures are used cartoonish flip-flops of fonts? This is why proper fonts are always needed to bring out more legibility and credibility of the research.

Choosing the correct fonts for your scientific manuscript

Here are 4 notable fonts that give your paper more professionalism and credibility:

  1. Arial 

Arial is one of the most common, and most used typefaces in the last decades, and its origin has been known from the IBM laser-xerographic printers. This font was supposed to compete with Helvetica as one of the most prominent, and core fonts for IBM computers, and Apple computers.

Arial is one of the most common, and prominent typefaces, that can be used as standard research fonts. It is also standard font for website articles and online research papers. The design for this font is thin, with rounded edges, and a sharp tone.

  1. Helvetica

Helvetica has been one of the most prominent competitors for Arial fonts. If Arial was developed by IBM, Helvetica was developed by Apple. inc. Helvetica was designed by Swiss designer, Max Miedinger, and it was designed as an easy-to-read font. Unique facts, the name Helvetica comes from the word “Helvetia” a Latin word for Switzerland.

Helvetica looks great for printing and also gives you professional looks for the research paper. It is also widely used by many university papers as their common standard font. Helvetica along with Arial has been the most common fonts to use for proper research papers.

  1. Caslon

When in doubt about what fonts to use, choose Caslon. Caslon was designed by William Caslon, as a common typeface to use in England. It is then very popular as the typeface for newspapers, magazines, and research papers. Caslon was popular in the Colonial America era, and when they gain independence, Caslon has even used in the US declaration of independence.

Caslon is one of the most commonly used serif fonts, and it is used commonly in the body of text. Along with other fonts like Baskerville, it is best to use this font in around the size of 8 to 14 and become one of  best font for movie.

  1. Baskerville

Baskerville has had a long history since 1757. It was designed by John Baskerville as a typeface that is a standard, easy-to-read font. It has simple letters, yet a refined style. It is now widely regarded as a classic font with the roots of the classic England era.

There was even a study that stated that using Baskerville fonts will give out more positivity, increase the trustworthiness of the text, and bring out more legibility, and credibility to the text. These are the perfect fonts to use when you are looking for research fonts for your papers.

That’s it on our guide on how to choose professional fonts to make your research reports way more credible, and looks professional. These are important things to know, as they can give your research more credibility, and professionalism, and avoid critics regarding the writing of your research. See also our other article for the best font for movie and web design.