How Does Food Impact Our Health?

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Do you know about popular sayings? “You are what you eat”, this is essentially true, as what you consume every day, from your bread and butter, your daily meat, your burger, coffee, and deserts, of them, have an impact on our body, impacting our body in both positive and negative ways. There are many impacts of what foods can do for our body, be positive, or negative impact.

How do foods and drinks we consume affect our bodies?

The foods we consume can either affect our bodies in positive or negative ways. For example, consuming foods that contain too much sugar can affect your body by increasing body weight, and many other related health problems. Consuming fewer veggies and fruits can cause many health problems like sore throat, bleeding gums, and cold due to the lack of vitamins and antioxidants.

Food can have an impact on our bodies because foods contain nutrients. Nutrients are a substance that nourishes our body, as we will need nourishment daily. Every living creature needs nutrients daily to survive, grow, and then reproduce. Nutrients are essentially what build our body, building blocks of our muscle, as well as what keeps our body functioning properly.

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How do nutrients work in our bodies?

Nutrients are supplements, building blocks of our body, and energy. When we consume foods, we consume the nutrients in them, as such; we take in what the foods contain. This in turn would lead to better or worse effects on our bodies. Healthy foods would lead to a healthy body; as such unhealthy foods would lead to an unhealthy body.

Nutrients are also different, from energy providing calories, building blocks protein, and supplements of vitamins and minerals. All of which are needed for our body to properly function every day.

The impacts of having unhealthy diets

Unhealthy diets, such as consuming too much junk foods, and sugar would lead to many fatal consequences. You might not see the fatal consequences now, but later, 5 years later, or in the future, you will see the fatal consequences of having an unhealthy lifestyle.

Many fatal diseases such as heart diseases, kidney failure, heart failure, and diabetes are the results of having an unhealthy lifestyle, and unhealthy diets. This, in turn, would create a lot of problems in the future, that’s why having healthy diets are important.

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