The Art of Working From Home

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The COVID-19 pandemic has not completely disappeared from the world. There are still some countries that are still in a state of concern. In this condition, companies in the world have started to implement a new work system called WFH (Work From Home). WFH requires employees to stay home, but still work.

Communication between employees and leaders is done online using applications such as Zoom, Google Meet, and others. Many people believe that WFH is the right solution for the current situation.

According to data, there are more than 40% of employees will carry out WFH at least until the beginning of 2022. This policy is considered to be subject to change if conditions return to normal in a faster time. However, if the situation worsens, this policy will last much longer.

Does WFH Have A Positive Impact?

WFH is good news for freelancers who have been working more from their homes. They can certainly take on more work and focus more on completing the work they get. The productivity of freelance workers is increasing amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

WFH is also bad news for some people who are not used to working from home. They feel that their productivity decreases when working from home. This is reasonable considering that not everyone can adapt quickly. Office workers are required to always be productive even though they work from their respective homes.

Tips For Those Of You Who Are WFH

There are some tips that you can apply when you run WFH:

  1. Keeping Routine

The first is to maintain a daily routine. When you are at home for a long time, you should keep a routine every day so that your productivity does not decrease. Stay disciplined even if you are required to work from home. That way, your productivity level will at least not continue to decline.

If you want more totality then you can think that your home is like an office. So, you can wake up everyday and dress formally when you are working on an assignment from the company. Small changes like this will help you maintain a daily routine and maintain your productivity.

For those of you who haven’t decided on a routine when WFH, then you must immediately make a schedule as soon as possible. Without a clear schedule, you will just be lazy and everything will become chaotic. Make a schedule for weekdays like you work in the office. That way the work you get can be completed properly and on time.

When you’ve made your schedule, tell the people in your house about your working hours so they won’t disturb you while you’re at work. Small distractions can make you unfocused so that a lot of work is left unfinished or even worsens work results.

  1. Talking With Coworkers

The second is to talk to colleagues about a project or talk casually with colleagues when entering break time. So that the atmosphere at home feels like the atmosphere in the office, one of the things you can do is talk to work. You can communicate with colleagues through social media or video teleconference applications.

Communication with colleagues is of course very important during WFH because you have to know what is going on. For example, when you and 5 other employees are assigned to complete a project, then you must communicate to ensure that all work has been completed according to the deadline set by the company.

When entering a break, it feels incomplete if you don’t talk to colleagues. You can rest your body and mind for a while during your break and replenish the lost energy with lunch. While having lunch you can also chat casually with your coworkers to talk about various things outside of work.

  1. Breaking away

The third is to separate yourself from the people at home. Separating ourselves during working hours is very important to keep our focus on getting a job done. You can separate yourself by going into a private room and locking the door tightly from inside the room.

When it’s time for a break, you can just leave the room to rest for a while. Try to only go out of the room for important things like drinking, going to the toilet, and so on. Do not let you go out of the room for something that is not important like watching TV or just relaxing on the sofa. This can make you lazy so that productivity decreases.

Make the room you use to work similarly to your workplace in the office. You can add objects that usually exist in the office such as laptops, printers, books, and others. Don’t forget to arrange the room as neatly as possible because it will improve your mood when working.

Those are some tips that you can apply when you are undergoing WFH. Many people have found it helpful with these three tips. Although it sounds simple, these three tips will have a big enough impact on the work you do at home.