Top 12 Safest Cities For Solo Travelers

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One of the hobbies that many people have is traveling. some people like to travel with friends or family and some people like to do solo traveling. Both types of traveling have their advantages and disadvantages. Lately, many young people have started traveling solo to various countries in the world.

What Are The Advantages Of Solo Traveling?

There are several advantages to doing solo travel. You can feel a lot of personal experiences if you do solo traveling. In addition, you are free to change the plans you have made without the need to consider other people. If you want to travel solo, of course, you must go to safe cities. In 2021, there are already many cities that are safe for solo traveling.

12 Safest Cities For Solo Traveling

There are 12 safest cities for solo traveling:

  1. Tokyo

The capital of Japan is a suitable place for traveling. Japanese people respect everyone to a different degree. The rules in Japan are also very strict so it is safe for solo travelers.

  1. Interlaken

Interlaken is a city in Switzerland. The people who live here place great importance on manners. The people here are very friendly and you can easily make new acquaintances.

  1. Salzburg

Salzburg is the capital city of Austria. The level of safety and cleanliness in Salzburg is very important to implement. This city has been a target for solo travelers for years.

  1. Canggu

Canggu is an area in Bali, Indonesia. Indonesians are polite and kind, so you will feel warm when you visit Canggu. The cost of eating and lodging in Canggu is also cheap.

  1. Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a place famous for its nightlife. Hong Kong has a fairly high level of security even in the middle of the night. This is what makes solo travelers often spend the night in Hong Kong.

  1. Galway

Galway is a city in Ireland. Ireland is a safe country for foreign tourists. There have been many solo travelers who have come to Galway to see the beautiful scenery of natural features in Galway.

  1. Toronto

Toronto is a city in Canada. Toronto is in the top 10 safest cities in the world. This is what makes Toronto a target for tourists, especially solo travelers. There are many places of interest and a wide variety of good food in Toronto.

  1. Edinburgh

Edinburgh is the capital of Scotland. The people at Edinburgh Hills are friendly hospitable. There are even some of them who do not hesitate to offer solo travelers to stay at their homes or just to have dinner together.

  1. Cosco

Cosco is a city in Peru. Cosco is also one of the safest cities in the world because of its small area. Food from Cosco always gives a very good taste.

  1. Sossusvlei

Sossusvlei is a city in Namibia. This place is very quiet because the population is only a few. You can feel at one with nature when you visit this place.

  1. New York

New York is a large city in the US. The views of the city in New York are incredible. This city is a subscription for solo travelers from all over the world. The level of security in New York is unquestionable.

  1. Petra

Petra is a city in Jordan. Middle eastern culture is felt in Petra. The city is also safe for foreign tourists. If you want to travel solo at a low cost then you must come to Petra.

Those are 12 cities that are suitable as a solo traveling destination. You don’t have to worry about going alone because the security of the 12 cities is guaranteed.