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What NOT to Do With Your Interior Design Blog

People are now competing seriously in websites development. Since the pandemic strikes the world, people spend more time on the screen more than they spend on average before the pandemic. This is a good deal for a website developer because the chance to profit from a website is now widely open. No wonder now many beginners in website development are looking for WordPress download plugin and theme to compete with the other websites.

One of the website niches that is being popular until now is the interior design niche. An interior design website is a site that commonly serves as the guidelines for those people who want to decorate the interior design of their house, apartments, room, or any other space. Interior design websites contain tips and tricks, and also suggestions on how to decorate the interior design.

Building Interior Design Site

Creating a site with an interior design niche is not difficult. You can actually start by picking the name of the website. Pick a short name that reflects the niche you want to build, and always pick the most easiest name in order for people to easily remember your site. Register your site name (domain name) and set up a hosting account. Then, create or find the WordPress download plugin and theme for your interior design site, and last you can just fill your website with the relevant contents.

What NOT to Do with Your Interior Design Site

If you are building an interior design site, there are several things that you need to avoid. Make sure you don’t do these things below to make your site grow gradually without any trouble.

  • Rarely Post Contents

The first one that you need to avoid is rarely posting content. A website needs regular content to feed the visitor with relevant information. Whether you believe it or not, your regular visitor will always wait for new content on your site. If you don’t post content regularly, then there is the possibility that your regular visitors will leave your site behind and move onto other websites.

  • Post Irrelevant Contents

This is actually very important. Do not post irrelevant content on your interior design site. If you want to develop your interior design blog, then you should focus on creating the content about interior design niche. Don’t post about anything else like smartphones, pollical issues, and many other contents that are irrelevant to your website niche.

  • Spread Lies and Unfounded Information

Spreading lies and creating unfounded information on your site is truly forbidden. Even in real life, you should not lie and spread the hoax. So, always post useful and founded content for your visitor so the visitor will gain trust in your website.

  • Custom Your Website Theme without Knowledge

If you don’t know much about coding, and many things about customizing site themes, then you should avoid fiddling with it. I know you want to customize your site to be even better. But, in order to customize it, you should learn first about customizing your website theme and plugin. If you don’t want to learn, you can simply find WordPress download plugin and theme and use it defaultly. Don’t mess with your site without knowledge!

How to Calm the Mind to Avoid Stress

Stress can have a negative impact on our bodies if we don’t manage it properly with meditation. When the nerves are overwhelmed, under stress and the body is not feeling well, then we tend to get sick easily. Our bodies and minds can only adapt to a certain level of stress, not excessive stress. If stress is excessive, it can have an impact even in a fast time. Excessive stress is often experienced by many people, especially the elderly. Stress can easily disrupt the mind by impairing some nerve functions. The impact is more severe than frequent stress, which makes us age faster.

Some Ways to Avoid Stress

We must know how to calm the mind so as not to interfere with various daily activities. This stress triggers the immune system in the body to decrease. There are many people who think about confusing things before going to bed, things like this can cause us to have trouble falling asleep. Stress, in general, does not last long. If it is, then stress will not drain the body’s energy.

But if the stress is excessive, it can drain a person’s energy, including disturbing health. Mental stress can affect emotional intelligence and interfere with decision-making. Below are some ways to calm our minds so that stress can be controlled. By calming the mind, the quality of sleep will be better.

Understand How Stress Works

When we are stressed, microbes in the gut react, then send an emergency message to the central nervous system. Then the message is sent to the body’s cells. In order to calm the mind from stress, understand how stress works. Then you can feel stress in your body and try to calm your mind even though your body reacts to stress.

Relaxation of Mind Release

There is one practice that many studies have recognized for rebuilding a healthy mind, which is meditation. With this relaxation, it can support and strengthen nerves. The heart and mind will be calmer with this relaxation. Neurons in the brain can mediate respiratory connection. It can also create a calm feeling so that it can calm the mind.


There is another effective way, by exercising Yoga. Yoga is a combination of nasal breathing, combined with flexible postures, and so on. The main function of yoga is to support flexibility, body strength, and peace of mind. The way to calm the mind with Yoga is quite effective and has been felt by many people. The combination of Yoga movements can support fluid in the spine and brain to flow smoothly so that it can lubricate the brain and nervous system. Aging is also associated with reduced production of cerebrospinal fluid. Yoga is a way to slow down aging and calm the mind easily. Because you can do Yoga only at home.

Natural Therapy

You can also calm your mind using natural therapy. You can get out of the house and then spend time with nature. Habits like this can support vitality, immunity, and make skin healthier. But if you go out when it’s hot, then it’s better to use sunscreen to keep your skin healthy. By doing various activities outside, it can calm the mind. You also don’t need to use a lot of energy if you just have to be outside.

It is enough to breathe air in an area with lots of trees. Listen to natural activities such as the sound of birds chirping, wind blowing, and other natural sounds. This is a fairly easy way to calm the mind. There are many people who take advantage of this nature, it can be by climbing mountains, camping, exploring the forest, or just running. In between these activities, try to do calming therapy such as meditation and try to be grateful for life.

Editing Techniques With Adobe Lightroom

Adobe Lightroom is a popular application that is used by many people to do professional photo editing. Because now many photographers use smartphones to take photos, this application is becoming increasingly popular. Many professional photographers choose Adobe Lightroom to beautify their photos.

Are There Any Special Techniques For Using Adobe Lightroom?

Of course, various special techniques can be used to edit photos using Adobe Lightroom. Each editing technique in Adobe Lightroom uses different settings. Therefore, it all depends on the photos taken by the photographer.

Photo Editing Techniques In Adobe Lightroom

There are several techniques that you can use to edit photos in Adobe Lightroom:

  1. Selective Edit

The first is to use a premium feature from Adobe Lightroom called Selective Edit. By using this feature, you can balance some areas in the photo that appear overexposed. You can use the existing settings so that the photo of all parts of the photo becomes more balanced.

  1. Remove Objects

The second is to remove objects that seem to distract in the photo. You can take advantage of a special feature called the Healing Brush in Adobe Lightroom to remove or disguise objects that seem distracting. With the help of AI in Adobe Lightroom, everything can be done easily.

  1. Crop Part of Photo

The third is to crop part of the photo by using the Crop feature. If the photo you take looks less symmetrical or there are excessive parts, you can immediately crop it with the Crop feature in Adobe Lightroom. Make the cuts carefully so as not to spoil the whole photo.

  1. Rotate Photos

The fourth is to rotate the photo using the Geometry feature in Adobe Lightroom. Often we take photos that are too tilted so that they look less good when viewed. To overcome photos that are too tilted you can use the Geometry feature. Rotate your photo to the best angle using the Geometry feature.

  1. Eliminate Noise

The fifth is to remove noise in photos using the Noise Reduction feature. When we take photos with high ISO we often produce photos that have white spots. This is what is commonly referred to as noise. You can disguise white spots in photos by using the Noise Reduction feature so that your photos are not damaged.

  1. Sharpen Colors

The sixth is to sharpen the color of the photo by using the Saturation and Vibrance features. Often we take pictures that lack color due to dark places or too much light. Therefore, we can sharpen the color of the photo by using the Saturation and Vibrance features. That way your photos will look more alive and more colorful.

  1. Increase and Decrease Brightness

The seventh is to increase and decrease the brightness of the photo using the Lighting and Exposure features. Photos that are too bright sometimes disguise the objects in them. This also applies to photos that are too dark. To overcome this you can use the Lighting and Exposure features to change the brightness of the photo to the ideal level.

  1. Balancing Whites

The eighth is to balance the white that is in some parts of the photo. Sometimes there are parts of the photo that appear too white even though the lighting conditions are at ideal levels. To overcome the white color that is too excessive you can use a feature called White Balance.

Those are some techniques that you can use to do photo editing in Adobe Lightroom. Use these techniques according to the conditions of the photos you have taken. Editing photos using Adobe Lightroom can be said to be not too complicated, but you must remain careful in editing so that the results are of high quality.

The Art of Working From Home

The COVID-19 pandemic has not completely disappeared from the world. There are still some countries that are still in a state of concern. In this condition, companies in the world have started to implement a new work system called WFH (Work From Home). WFH requires employees to stay home, but still work.

Communication between employees and leaders is done online using applications such as Zoom, Google Meet, and others. Many people believe that WFH is the right solution for the current situation.

According to data, there are more than 40% of employees will carry out WFH at least until the beginning of 2022. This policy is considered to be subject to change if conditions return to normal in a faster time. However, if the situation worsens, this policy will last much longer.

Does WFH Have A Positive Impact?

WFH is good news for freelancers who have been working more from their homes. They can certainly take on more work and focus more on completing the work they get. The productivity of freelance workers is increasing amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

WFH is also bad news for some people who are not used to working from home. They feel that their productivity decreases when working from home. This is reasonable considering that not everyone can adapt quickly. Office workers are required to always be productive even though they work from their respective homes.

Tips For Those Of You Who Are WFH

There are some tips that you can apply when you run WFH:

  1. Keeping Routine

The first is to maintain a daily routine. When you are at home for a long time, you should keep a routine every day so that your productivity does not decrease. Stay disciplined even if you are required to work from home. That way, your productivity level will at least not continue to decline.

If you want more totality then you can think that your home is like an office. So, you can wake up everyday and dress formally when you are working on an assignment from the company. Small changes like this will help you maintain a daily routine and maintain your productivity.

For those of you who haven’t decided on a routine when WFH, then you must immediately make a schedule as soon as possible. Without a clear schedule, you will just be lazy and everything will become chaotic. Make a schedule for weekdays like you work in the office. That way the work you get can be completed properly and on time.

When you’ve made your schedule, tell the people in your house about your working hours so they won’t disturb you while you’re at work. Small distractions can make you unfocused so that a lot of work is left unfinished or even worsens work results.

  1. Talking With Coworkers

The second is to talk to colleagues about a project or talk casually with colleagues when entering break time. So that the atmosphere at home feels like the atmosphere in the office, one of the things you can do is talk to work. You can communicate with colleagues through social media or video teleconference applications.

Communication with colleagues is of course very important during WFH because you have to know what is going on. For example, when you and 5 other employees are assigned to complete a project, then you must communicate to ensure that all work has been completed according to the deadline set by the company.

When entering a break, it feels incomplete if you don’t talk to colleagues. You can rest your body and mind for a while during your break and replenish the lost energy with lunch. While having lunch you can also chat casually with your coworkers to talk about various things outside of work.

  1. Breaking away

The third is to separate yourself from the people at home. Separating ourselves during working hours is very important to keep our focus on getting a job done. You can separate yourself by going into a private room and locking the door tightly from inside the room.

When it’s time for a break, you can just leave the room to rest for a while. Try to only go out of the room for important things like drinking, going to the toilet, and so on. Do not let you go out of the room for something that is not important like watching TV or just relaxing on the sofa. This can make you lazy so that productivity decreases.

Make the room you use to work similarly to your workplace in the office. You can add objects that usually exist in the office such as laptops, printers, books, and others. Don’t forget to arrange the room as neatly as possible because it will improve your mood when working.

Those are some tips that you can apply when you are undergoing WFH. Many people have found it helpful with these three tips. Although it sounds simple, these three tips will have a big enough impact on the work you do at home.

3 Steps to Discovering Your Life’s Purpose

A quarter-life crisis is certainly experienced by all humans living in the world. After reaching adulthood, we are often confused about the purpose of our life. We must often ask ourselves about what we will do as needed. However, this does not produce results or even raises various other questions that bother the mind.

What Is Life’s Purpose?

The purpose of life is a plan of everything a person will do for the next few years. Life goals are almost the same as long-term plans in the business world. The difference between the two is only about the time in which it is implemented.

A person who does not have a purpose in life will certainly not be able to go further. Therefore, it is necessary to be clear so that we can do positive things that can make our future brighter. All of us need to find the purpose of life as early as possible so that we can immediately take some action to make it happen.

3 Ways To Find Life’s Purpose

3 ways are quite effective to find the purpose of life:

  1. Write Interests and You

The first is to write down all your interests and desires from the past until now. You can write everything down in a book so you can see everything.

Everyone has different interests and desires. There is no need to ask other people about your interests and desires because you will not feel happy after doing it.

Be yourself and define the things you are interested in being interested in. sometimes small things like this one can achieve extraordinary success in the future. You write down everything you remember so that there are more choices.

Once you’ve written everything down, you can start to narrow it down so you can get to 1 or 2 things you want to work on now and in the future. Make sure you choose something that will make you happy in the long run. That way, your work will be better later.

  1. Looking for Motivation, Inspiration, Ambition, and Hope

The second is to look for motivation, inspiration, ambition, and hope. These four elements play a major role in one’s life goals. If you get motivation and inspiration from someone you can start to find the purpose of the question. While hopes and ambitions for something for a long time can lead you to find life.

You can get a lot of motivation and inspiration from someone successful by attending events such as seminars, pieces of training, and the like. While hopes and ambitions usually arise from within oneself. The trigger is the environment around you and the events that you have experienced so far.

  1. Get Rid of Fear and Worry

The third is to get rid of fear and worry to try something new or something challenging. Fear and worry can be the biggest burden for someone when they want to get out of their comfort zone. To get rid of fear and worry you have to practice slowly controlling your mind and imagination.

There is no need to rush in determining life goals because the life you live is not a competition. Enjoy every moment and find your life’s purpose.